Stockton Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets and floor tile help make the best first impression of your business. Having a scheduled carpet cleaning improves the air quality in your building and extends the life of commercial grade carpet. And, keeping hard floors such as vinyl tile, ceramic tile, or natural stone, improves the appearance and attitude of employees and customers.

Our Carpet Care includes a full cleaning twice a year. Depending on your carpet we use the hot water extraction method or the dry cleaning method to extract dirt, dust and allergens. If we are doing regular cleaning of your office facility then we can perform regular spot cleaning of the carpet to keep the appearance at it's best.

Regular cleaning of your Vinyl Composite Tile, ceramic or natural stone floors helps keep up the clean and lustrous appearance. But, it also helps keep the slip coefficient at its optimal level, which reduces the occurrence of slip and falls in your facility. Whatever type of floor your facility has, SMG has a program to maintain its appearance and cleanliness.

SMG also provides residential cleaning of your carpets, tile and upholstery throughout Volusia County. We're centrally located in South Daytona. You can learn more about our residential cleaning services at Stockton Carpet Cleaning.